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60 Minutes
February 17, 2010, 13:09
Filed under: 60 Minutes, Second Year

The first question was what exactly did I want to observe for 60 Minutes that I would find engaging and interesting? I needed to observe something for a specific period of time and therefore I felt it was necessary for something to change in that moment- to feel like I was moving forward. In that respect I wanted to observe time itself in which case I needed to observe the effects of time. This drew me outside to observe the natural environment, location and time of day therefore became crucial.

Above is my first rough video I took over the 60 minutes that I observed Kelston Roundhill, near Bath. I knew a viewpoint nearby that would allow me to observe the hill from afar with the changing landscape around it. Unfortunately I had to record using a memory card which meant the video is poor quality, however you can still focus on the changing light and subdued colours as the sun set which I can use as reference. In this time I produced some quick sketches focusing on the experience of being in the isolated environment at the time along with some notes. At the top of this post is my second attempt to observe Kelston Hill for 60 minutes, this video is much better quality.

I experimented with using different colours and technques to try and portray the nature of the changing environment before me as well as the way my feelings changed as an observer over time.