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Framed Mirror Time Lapse
April 19, 2011, 10:44
Filed under: Mirrored

Since filming the the time lapse of  mirrored Bristol Planetarium towards the end of 2010 I have been continually thinking about how I can incorporate mirrors into my work further. Whether that would be through an installation or with further video pieces I knew I was primarily interested in the juxtaposition of the object of a mirror placed in various environments.  What happens to your experience of the surrounding space?

I have been researching into Installation Art further, which is how I came across the work of Robert Smithson, a key figure in the development of this genre. Smithson ‘formulated the distinction between a Site, a particular place or location in the world at large, and a Nonsite, a representation in the gallery of that place in the form of transported material, photographs, maps and related documentation.’ – ‘Installation Art’ Nicholas De Oliveira (1994)

The notion of ‘Site’ and ‘Non-site’ was something that I found particularly intriguing. I realised that this definition could aptly describe the relationship between many art works and the gallery space itself. There is always that contrast between the gallery space and another alternative space indicated by the artwork. This notion when applied to the idea of ‘mirroring’ I found even more intriguing as the object of the mirror itself adds an alternative spacial illusion. Smithson distinguishes between a ‘Site’ and a ‘Nonsite’ describing how a mirror is the object of a ‘Nonsite’ and a reflection belongs to that of a ‘Site’.

I wanted to take the mirror (an object of a ‘Nonsite’) into a ‘Site’ creating a contrast between to two environments. The video above shows my first time lapse video of a framed mirror observed over time in the natural environment.


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