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Matilda Saxow
February 18, 2011, 20:02
Filed under: Research/Inspiration, Sequential Abstraction

I was lucky enough to meet graphic designer/art director Matilda Saxow and talk to her about my ideas for my next project. I have always thought that I would like to create a ‘Book of Ideas’ experimenting with what I have been researching into within my dissertation and applying it to the structure of a book. The thought of re-approaching type and layout however was a somewhat daunting one. I don’t feel as confident in this area as I perhaps should but I am also aware that in playing around more with content/layouts and putting pen to paper I can start experimenting in hopefully quite a natural manner.

Talking to Matilda was most helpful as it made me think about what I wanted to ‘say’ with my book and also what it is I actually find interesting. In doing this it allowed me to think about how I wanted to explore the structure of the book as an object and how to approach it in a more interesting way e.g. involving projections/layering etc.

After our conversation I was lucky enough to be invited along to one of her second year workshops entitled ‘1-day Limited Edition’. The objectives of this workshop were to understand and explore the physical nature of a printed publication whilst handling content in terms of sequence and variation, pace and scale. I really enjoyed working to a tight deadline as it freed up creativity as you had to make fast decisions. The brief had a brilliant balance of restrictions and freedom and I most enjoyed thinking of the overall ‘feel’ of the publication as an overall piece. Here is my final outcome:

Cover Design –

Spread 1 –

Spread 2 –

Spread 3 –

Spread 4 –

Spread 5 –

Spread 6 –

Spread 7 –

Spread 8 –

Spread 9 –


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