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December 25, 2010, 19:42
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Projections of Projections
December 9, 2010, 12:36
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PROJECTION 1- My initial decision to project the architectural space video of Bristol Planetarium into another architectural space was to give it more of an ephemeral quality that ‘mirrored’ its new environment also. I only recorded the projection initially as a way of documenting my work. I soon realized that the space I had projected the video onto allowed passers-by to interact with my projection and almost become part of the work. I wondered what would happen if I re-projected my video into the same space.

PROJECTION 2- The second projection allowed some interesting moments to occur. Due to the occasions where people would walk past on the stairs and faded figures of past walkers-by would also appear in the projection. I realized that through the editing process of the video I could manipulate how often these moments occurred.

PROJECTION 3- I am looking forward to projecting this video as I feel that the layers are becoming richer and therefore the video is hopefully becoming more interesting. I realise that the initial Bristol Planetarium video is becoming less significant but I don’t think it matters. It’s like you can see echoes of my thought process and methods in past projections. I’m waiting to see how far I can go with this particular series of projections before the past layers fade entirely…will the image become darker and busier? I’m excited to let the process determine the outcome.

PROJECTION 4- The repetitive nature of my process and the amount of time I therefore observed the passers-by became a key part of what my work started to represent. I saw the same people walking by day in, day out and I feel that it then began to say something quite interesting about the university experience. I enjoyed the low-tech nature of the projections as that seemed to only further the ephemeral quality of the work, the previous projections becoming past reflections of our university life.

PROJECTION 5- At this stage I feel you can really begin to appreciate the building up of the layers, the initial projection video isn’t visible anymore and the more closely you observe the layers the more you begin to discover. I feel that this idea could go in so many different ways. I could re-project in different locations so that there is variations between the layers, I could try and make the projection itself occupy the space a bit more. I feel that I want to see this process through to the final projection though, and perhaps I can revisit certain themes in later projects.

PROJECTION 6- I’m so pleased with my footage from my final projection. I love how previous layers flicker in the background, and we have a variety of speeds and sounds due to the editing process. This whole period I have manipulated the sound exactly the same as I have the video which has created a somewhat eerie constant hissing sound. The sped up/slowed down voices I also think work well as they seem to reflect the noisy buzz of university.

My next step is to consider how I want to display my projections. Is there a way of capturing them all at once? To create a sort of comparison?