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Eatbigfish Pirate Storyboard
October 30, 2010, 16:03
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Storyboard design for a paper stop-motion animation for brand consultancy Eatbigfish; orignially to be featured within their ‘The Pirate Within’ workshops. Unfortunately the project didn’t materialise due to conflicting deadlines but it was definitely a learning curve in regards to working to a very specific detailed brief.


The Experience of Space – Manipulated Reality
October 28, 2010, 20:37
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There was something about my second ‘Architectural Space Observation’ (see previous posts) that worked and was something that I felt could be taken further. I enjoyed the way that the environment was distorted once reflected in the mirrors and how the people disappeared into the ‘gap’ between them. I thought about how I could perhaps revisit the environment and ‘choreograph’ a situation to take advantage of this interaction.

However the more I thought about it the more I that this might be quite difficult. Particularly with the unpredictable weather. How could I manipulate the environment without another trip to Bristol? The answer was Aftereffects. This is a program that I didn’t feel particularly confident in using so a re-cap was needed before I took the plunge. I think it worked out okay as I could manipulate the environment in sections and then play around with the speed. I’m pleased with the initial result as and would like to think about how I could progress with this further. Perhaps the addition of some typography.

Time Lapse- Experience 2
October 28, 2010, 10:24
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During a trip to Bristol I came across a wonderful location for my next time lapse piece. The @Bristol Planetarium is a large architectural Mirror Ball which I framed close-up with my video camera, again for about one hour. What was wonderful with the results of this is exactly how the mirrors interacted with the people in the reflected environment.

You will notice that as the people reflected in the mirror pass from one section into the other, there is a gap in which they disappear for a period of time. In observing this disappearance your experience of the environment is completely transformed. The place and the people begin to hold a somewhat ephemeral quality. I am tempted to see how these scenes work when projected onto other architectural spaces…

Time Lapse- Experience 1
October 21, 2010, 19:20
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The first location for my time lapse sequence was a busy corner by the Abbey in Bath, and yet I think I succeeded in finding a corner that was relatively well hidden, where people could walk past unawares. I recorded for one hour in total and then edited a sequence together which contained the most interesting moments and hopefully made you more aware of how the space was experienced by the pubic.