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Audio Orb- Avon Harmony
June 3, 2010, 23:38
Filed under: Non-Viable Document

I had looked at my animation a lot, particularly after some intense Final Cut Pro sessions. Looking at my previous animation (shown in the post below) I felt it was almost there but not quite. It was the changing light in the background that was bothering me. I’m all for the ‘hand-made feel’ to animations but it was flickering away so much that it became a distraction. Despite spending time creating various actions in Photoshop and batching folders of images to ‘desaturate’ and then alter the levels, it was always a struggle against how the light had already been. There was always variation. A friend came to my rescue in introducing me to creating a ‘mask’ on Final Cut Pro, so that the colour outside of the circle was consistently black. After much fiddling around and waiting for one last painful render I had updated the animation…

I am pleased with how it resembles a sort of ‘peep-hole’ into the Avon Harmony’s sound, and despite ¬†inconsistencies of light within the ‘audio orb’ itself in terms of ‘blackness’ I feel that the character of the piece better reflects the character of the group than a perfectly black and white Flash animation would have.


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