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Animation- Avon Harmony
June 1, 2010, 22:08
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It was time to start animating. No excuses. I’ve come to the conclusion that in my work I need to have trust the in process and that an outcome will eventually materialise. It’s just a tad daunting when you realise that your outcome is a simple animation because they aren’t exactly well known for being the quickest of activities. In order to carry out this drawn animation I needed to borrow a rather large and heavy piece of equipment home to my flat. The weight of the item was apt for my task ahead. I tried to think positive and just start drawing. And that’s what I did. Many memory cards and camera renewals later (this isn’t that helpful in creating a stop-motion animation) I had started something.

The summer had arrived early and there I was sitting in the sweaty haze of my bedroom, shutting out as much light as humanly possible. However it wasn’t dark enough; I had to work through the day and into the evening and of course the light changed. It didn’t worry me too much at this point, as long as the movements of the shapes were visible and my counting was correct (according to sketchbook scribblings regarding number of frames) I was feeling okay.

Below is the initial outcome to my animation edited to music. This involved much reversing of frames, speeding up, rendering, and general re-jigging. Of highest importance was the editing to the audio so that you felt like you were watching a natural visualisation of what you were hearing.


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