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April 12, 2010, 16:54
Filed under: Revolver

For this brief we had to research/analyse the following record sleeve, ‘Revolver’ by The Beatles, and then produce a typographic version with no Illustrations or photographs.

Format: Front album sleeve 12×12 inches

This brief proved to be a rather daunting one. First and foremost due to the somewhat loaded subject-matter, people have been there and done that with the Beatles and yet there is no denying that they are an iconic and delicate subject matter to create anything with any link to them, no matter how small. I researched the album cover, created by Klaus Voormann whose hand-drawn, collage technique was a breakthrough design at the time. All in all this added up to some rather poor initial attempts at a typographic version. I went with the rather obvious link to the ‘Revolver’ spinning record reference, I read somewhere that if you span this record sleeve all of the faces were meant to blur into one…

I’d created a pretty pattern and that was about it. Definitely not worthy of anything linked to The Beatles. Any-way, after much pondering I came across the idea that had quite literally been in front of me the whole time. We had to reproduce the sleeve typographically so why wasn’t I doing just that. Klaus Voormann had used cut and paste found photographs of The Beatles to create the sleeve so I should adopt the technique of using cut and paste found typography from existing Beatles albums.

I was really pleased with this, I was looking at something that somehow I actually thought worked. I was making use of a visual language that was already available to me. A tutor suggested that I replicate the language even further by scanning the album material (instead of found type from the Internet) and created an actual collage. This sounds look a good idea, I hope to do this using a range of coloured paper in time for portfolio hand-in.


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