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Typographic Music Poster
March 3, 2010, 21:27
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Choose a piece of music.

Produce an A1 portrait poster.

Use only typographic elements.

Aphex Twin Bucephalus Boucing Ball

I was drawn to creating something from an unusual piece such as Aphex Twin’s Bucephalus Bouncing Ball because the sound was so real and clunky. Initially I tried to represent that using metal materials from a DIY shop, thinking along the lines of a metallic collage. Below is an example using nails in cardboard to create repetitions of the letter ‘T’, attempting to create the ‘tingy’ sound represented within the music.

This experiment wasn’t quite as successful as I had hoped. However, I did enjoy the structure of the piece and realised that in order to simplify it I would have to approach it in a more obviously typographic way. Below are early experiments in Indesign in which I can to realise that the typographic hyphen symbol would be most appropriate to represent the morse code style of sound.

After much experimenting on Indesign, in particular beginning to change the colour gradient of individual hyphen symbols I finally created my finished design (shown above). The moment I observed the poster in its entirety I was pleased because it somehow best represented the very ‘real’ metallic sound of the track, and an element of 3d had been created as if the falling shapes were slightly coming out of the poster. The second part of the brief was to incorporate information about the track into the design- the name of the artist, the name of the track, date it was produced and track-length. I knew that the typographic element of this A1 poster mustn’t distract from the main design, so I tried a range of compositions before finally deciding upon the above design. This meant that the text was completely incorporated into the design rather than being an additional (and perhaps distracting) feature.


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