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Friday 13th…
November 18, 2009, 12:50
Filed under: Location

Friday 13th November and my external hard-drive decides it is time to move on, to cease working. Panic. Exhibition looming before us and Tor and I had lost the majority of our stop-motion animation, we were almost half way there. Over the weekend university technicians  attempted to retrieve some data but no luck there either. And before someone else tells me yes we should have backed up our work, I assure you I have definitely learnt that lesson. In a cutting frenzy Tor and I focused solely on the creation of the Escapist Garden scene where our character is transported to a different world. On Sunday we photographed our character in the garden scene leaving Monday and Tuesday to create the detailed paper set, re-size and print nearly 100 photographs of our character, cut each silhouette out and then re-shoot her in the paper garden set. We’re both pretty exhausted but we’re not defeated yet. We’ve achieved a lot in a few days and we will continue to shoot and re-shoot the remaining scenes because although we may have lost work and time but we haven’t lost confidence in our narrative yet.


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