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Escapism- Into the Garden
November 12, 2009, 22:31
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If you look closely at our animatic or storyboard you will see the rather amusing shot of Amber being ‘sucked’ into the washing machine. During this part of the narrative we want our character to enter an entirely new world and momentarily escape the endless drag of the launderette. If you visit Tor’s blog you’ll be able to watch an animation by Michael Aubtin Madadi who did an inspiring paper animation which both Tor and I both enjoyed due to the simplicity of his story-telling and paper cut-out technique.

We have already created hundreds of colourful paper leaves to path our character’s way into this ‘other’ place so it seemed fitting that we explored paper animation further for the entire garden scene. Below are a few examples I found particularly interesting with the use of paper cut-outs.

This is quite a light-hearted example, but the technique remains effective within the child-like environment and is in-keeping with the somewhat questionable song! There are other children’s animations which explore a similar technique, I particularly like Frederic Back’s ‘The Creation of Birds’ with such beautiful movement between the characters and their jungle environment. An old favourite of mine, Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear, uses a 3d character amongst paper human characters, this contrast is highly engaging.

Below is a scan of my drawing for a possible layout for the ‘garden’ scene. Our character won’t be in this ‘world’ for long but the contrast of her within this paper environment should be quite interesting visually. She can crawl out of the bushes on the left hand side of the scene and we can follow her making her way through the paper garden until she peers into the door’s window on the other side.

Garden Sketch


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