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Story boarding and Animatics
November 5, 2009, 19:16
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After an initial run-through chat with Tor where we discussed our thoughts about the basic narrative structure of our location we met up again to create rough storyboards. Scans of my storyboard are shown below. It was a quick process to get an idea of how each image would sit within the frame and how each next narrative shot would vary from the next to keep it interesting.

Initial StoryboardInitial Storyboard2

With this storyboard Tor and I went to the Spruce Goose and took photos of Amber, our volunteer ‘animated person’ and then in turn turned this into a simple animatic. This has helped us to visualise the animation more and think about the importance of composition and symmetry.

After my first visit to the Spruce Goose I immediately thought of Stanley Kubrick to turn to for inspiration with the shots.  The washing machine geometry very much lended itself to the same surreal feel of Kubrick’s carefully thought over compositions.

The Shining screen (shot)

This opening scene to A Clockwork Orange is just brilliant. I love how much detail you can absorb from the close up of main character Alex DeLarge’s face as the shot slowly reveals more and more in a complex and perfectly symmetrical zooming out process during which the intensity of Alex DeLarge’s stare doesn’t diminish in the slightest.


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